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Seems I stumbled upon this great piece of software a bit too late, seems it's pretty much dead in the water at this point with no new version on the horizon. :(

I already run a webserver but there's really one great feature of HFS I can't manage to add to my existing setup, the folder archive feature!
What method do you use to do it in HFS? Is it an existing class of some sort that could maybe be implemented in other webservers? PHP has some features for this built-in but they are extremely slow and resource consuming whereas HFS folder archive seems to work on-the-fly where it doesn't have to create a temporary file first.

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it's a few years that no official version has been released, but you are welcome to use beta versions (find them on the specific forum board).

For the folder archive i had to program the feature myself, from zero, exactly because i meant to have something that could be as fast and light as possible, handling even gigs archives.