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3 Correctives for events

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Three events following , [upload name],  [download name] and [archive name],necessarily have to supply a result of type string containing no illegal character, but after several tries,  the results of these events, which have to supply a name of coherent file, had some surprises in reserve: every result has to like on a single line, it was not thus possible to use a formulation of the kind:
[xxxx name]

At present only the first line is held(retained) as being valid, thus it is necessary to use this:
[xxxx name]

When there is not enough information to be converted or to calculate, then a line is sufficient, but for more clarity, if we wish a resultat which takes into account all lines them of the section then here is the code adequate

  // see if an event script wants to change the upload name
  s:=xtpl(trim(runEventScript('upload name')),[#10,'',#13,'',#09,'']);

  // see if an event script wants to change the download name
  s:=or_(xtpl(trim(runEventScript('download name')),[#10,'',#13,'',#09,'']),; 
  // see if an event script wants to change the archive name
      data.lastFN:=or_(trim(xtpl(runEventScript('archive name',
                                 ['%archive-name%', data.lastFN,
                                  '%mode%', if_(selection, 'selection','folder')
                                 ]),[#10,'',#13,'',#09,''],)), data.lastFN);

all cararcters Tab LineFeed and CariageReturn are deleted in the result name.

An excellent test is to use for example

[xxxx name]
this is
 the new

You should obtain 'this is the new name.tmp' and not 'this is'


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