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{.breadcrumbs|{:{.or|%bread-name%|{.!Home.}.}/:} .}
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{.!user.}: %user%
/if.} {.if| {.get|can recur.} |
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.} {.if| {.?search.} | {.!BACK.} | {.if| {.%folder% != / .} | {.!UP.} .} /if.} {.if not| %number% |
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%number-folders% {.!folders.}, %number-files% {.!files.} - {.!Total.}: %total-size%
{.set|sortlink| {:{.!$2.}{.if| {.{.?sort.} = $1.} | &{.if|{.?rev.}|u|d.}arr;.}:} .}
{.^sortlink|n|Filename.}{.^sortlink|e|.ext.} {.^sortlink|s|Filesize.} {.^sortlink|t|Filetime.} {.^sortlink|d|Hits.} %list%
{.if|{.get|can delete.}{.get|can archive.}|
All {.if|{.get|can delete.}| .} {.if|{.get|can archive.}| .}
:}/if not.}
[style.css|no log] body, th { font-family:tahoma, verdana, arial, helvetica, sans; font-weight:normal; font-size:9pt; } body { height:100%; padding:0; margin:0 0 0 150px; color:#a0a0a0 text-align:left; font-size:9pt; font-family:Tahoma,Arial,"MS Sans Serif",sans-serif; background:url('/template/bg.jpg') fixed bottom right no-repeat #000000; } body, p, form { margin:0 } a { text-decoration:none; background-color:Transparent; color:red; } a:visited { color:Red; } a:hover { background-color:#EEF; } img { border-style:none } #files td { font-size:10pt; background:Transparent; border:1px solid :Transparent; } #files td img { vertical-align:top } #files th, th a, th a:visited { color:#555; font-size:15pt; font-weight:bold; padding-bottom:0; } #foldercomment { font-size:10pt; color:#888; background:#EEE; padding:3px; border:1px solid #DDD; border-bottom:3px solid #DDD; margin-top:2px; } #folder, .big { font-size:14pt; font-weight:bold; } #folderlabel, #folderstats, #footer { font-size: 8pt; } #body { border-bottom: 4px solid :Transparent; border-top: 4px solid :Transparent; border-left: 1px dotted :Transparent; border-right: 1px dotted :Transparent; background:Transparent; padding:15px; margin:15px; } .comment { font-size:7pt; color:#888; background:Transparent; padding:3px; border:1px solid #DDD; margin-top:2px; } .button { height:24px; padding:4px 10px; margin:5px; border:2px solid :Transparent; background:Transparent; font-size:8pt; font-weight:bold; } a.button { padding:8px 10px; } a.button img { vertical-align:text-bottom; } .flag { font-weight:bold; font-size:8pt; background:Transparent; color:red; text-align:center; border:1px solid red; } .item-folder { font-size:smaller; margin-top:4px; } [style.menu.css|no log] /* ================================================================ This copyright notice must be untouched at all times. The original version of this stylesheet and the associated (x)html is available at http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menus/drop_examples.html Copyright (c) 2005-2007 Stu Nicholls. All rights reserved. This stylesheet and the associated (x)html may be modified in any way to fit your requirements. =================================================================== */ /* common styling */ .menu { margin:0; width:150px; position:relative; font-size:10pt; z-index:100; clear:both; /* for this page only */ } .menu ul { padding:0; margin:0; list-style-type: none; } .menu ul li { float:left; position:relative; font-weight:bold; } .menu li.last { border-bottom:2px solid #000; margin:0; } .menu ul li a, .menu ul li a:visited { line-height:20px; height:32px; display:block; text-decoration:none; color:#000; width:139px; color:#000; border:2px solid #000; border-width:2px 2px 0 2px; padding-left:10px; background:#fff; } .menu ul li ul { display: none; } .menu table { margin:-1px; border-collapse:collapse;font-size:1em; } /* specific to non IE and IE7 browsers */ .menu ul li:hover a { color:#c00; } .menu ul li:hover ul { display:block; position:absolute; top:33px; margin-top:1px; left:0; width:150px; height:auto; } .menu ul li:hover ul li ul { display: none; } .menu ul li:hover ul li a { line-height:15px; display:block; background:#ddd; color:#000; height:auto; padding:5px 10px; width:129px; } .menu ul li a:hover ul li a.drop, .menu ul li:hover ul li a.drop { background:#ddd; } .menu ul li:hover ul li:hover ul li:hover a, /* for IE5.x and IE6 browsers only */ .menu ul li a:hover ul li a:hover, .menu ul li:hover ul li:hover a { background:#888; color:#fff; } .menu ul li a:hover ul li a.drop:hover, .menu ul li:hover ul li:hover a.drop { background:#888; } .menu ul li:hover ul li:hover ul { display:block; position:absolute; left:150px; top:-1px; width:150px; } .menu ul li:hover ul li:hover ul li a { background:#ddd; color:#000; } .menu ul li a:hover { color:#c00; background:#eee; } .menu ul li a:hover ul { display:block; position:absolute; top:29px; left:0; background:#eee; margin-top:0; marg\in-top:1px; } .menu ul li a:hover ul li a { height:20px; hei\ght:20px; line-height:15px; display:block; background:#ddd; color:#000; padding:5px 10px; width:151px; w\idth:129px; } .menu ul li a:hover ul li a ul { visibility:hidden; position:absolute; height:0; width:0; } .menu ul li a:hover ul li a:hover ul { visibility:visible; position:absolute; top:0; t\op:-1px; color:#000; left:150px; } hr { clear:both; margin-bottom:30px; } .left { clear:both; } [file=folder=link] {.if|{.get|can delete.}{.and|{.get|can access.}|{.get|can archive item.}.}| .} {.if|{.get|is new.}| NEW .} {.if not|{.get|can access.}|.} %item-name% {.if| {.?search.} |{:
{.!item folder.} {.breadcrumbs|{:%bread-name%/:}|from={.count substring|/|%folder%.}/breadcrumbs.}:} .} {.if| %item-comment% |
.} [+file] %item-size%%item-modified%%item-dl-count% [+folder] folder%item-modified%%item-dl-count% [+link] link [error-page] %content%
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