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Login option?

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When someone does a login in a lower folder of the hfs tree ie. http://localhost/1/2/ and then returns to http://localhost/1/ he will not be logged in the upper case folder. I quite understand why this might have been done this way, but an option in the hfs menu which would allow full site login wherever a user is would be nice. Anyway it's just a suggestion and not that urgent :).

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only one way

use  <a href="/~login"> LOGIN </a>

or   cookies


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Well, it's the expected, yet unwanted, behavior.
It's like main browsers handle this kind of authentication.
Since it's totally out of my control, this will be solved when we change auth system. (same time the "no logout" problem will be solved)
Ran into this some time ago.,6843.msg1042384/topicseen.html#msg1042384
Drove me nuts for a while. Making sure /~login had to be used was the only way I could solve it.