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Zero filesize and Unauthorized

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I try to get some files from HFS(no user, no password). If filesize =0, I get in IExplorer  (and in some other apllication, used ICS - Internet Component Suite  )
Either your user name and password do not match, or you are not permitted to access this resource.

But in Chrome|Firefox I get file with zero size.

My problem: I need use ICS-Application.

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the fact that it works on chrome and Firefox, tells me it either Internet explore or the program you are using for ICs

why doe the file have to be empty?, that alone tell me that there will be problem with Internet explorer.

try adding a text doc with a lin in it and run the test again. I belvie it is an issue with the 0 file size.
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I dont know exactly WHY, but it seems the user expects IE an ICS to retrieve a zero size file correctly, like Firefox and Chrome does. According what the user says, the problem is IE/ICS interpret this zero file, like an 'Unauthorized resource'. I don't know if this is really a HFS problem, or if HFS may do something about this. It seems this is the way IE/ICS works, and there is nothing HFS can do to change this (correct me, if I'm wrong).
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i tried IE11 and it downloaded the zero file correctly, so i guess it's a browser problem they fixed.
You should consider asking the maker of the app to fix the problem.
An experiment you could make is to try a different server, and see if it behaves good.

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Little Addendum: Seeing a zero-Byte sized file in Explorer does not necessarily mean that the file doesn't have any contents or meaning.

1. Might be write-opened by any process. File size information might not be updated immediately.
2. The file's main data stream might be empty, indeed, but further data can also hide in Alternate Data Streams.
3. It may encode information through its attributes like timestamp or size, also its mere presence might be a switch (flagfile).

Just something to consider. - The world is different now.

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