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how can ad website in HFS Server and how can upload in website

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i have done HFS Server in locally but how can publish in website and how can open it any where if any person know please share with me knowledge step by step.

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if you use google and search "publish website in hfs" the second result is exactly what you are searching for.

to open it anywhere you have to face 2 problems
1) if you are behind a modem/router you have to configure your router. Use the self test to know if you need to.
2) you need an easy address. You can go for a dynamic dns.

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i have locally access but when i open another computer it can't open. please send me screen shots i see how can publish in world wide.
i have read article but i can not understand.

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do you have a router , if you do you have to open choosen port and point that to the computer that hfs is running on.
find your router and follow the guide.

now open google and type : my ip , press enter
google will now tell you your ip.
tell that to your frend and ask him to try.
dont forget to put http:// before the ip and port after (if you choosen port 80 you dont have to do that.)
so if you choose port 8080 if shud look like this : is just an example ip.

if you choosen port 80 just type like this :
all web pages you visit on the net use port 80 as standard.

most people have a dynamic ip (it changes every time you connect to internet)

as Rejetto says , if you do use a no-ip or dyndns adress.
an updater for that is in the hfs itself.

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Dear i have follow instructions but i can't access, please send me your skype id i get information through skype.
please help me once time please setup me hfs Server.

i have locally run it but i can't access from other computers.


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i dont have skype.

are you trying yourself to connect to your hfs server?
if you have an older or a cheap router it wont support the loopback to your own ip.
ask a frend to try.
or try here :
enter your ip and try.

are you sure your port is open?
start hfs.exe and goto
and do the test with correct port.
if you get that it works then it will work when your frends will try.

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Maybe is as simple as configuring your Windows Firewall, to allow HFS go through. If you've followed all the other tips, and it's still not working, maybe you have to configure your Windows Firewall.

Code: [Select]

Do you use Windows XP or 7?....
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Sounds like you need to setup some basic networking to get things running!


you will need to double check 3 things to make it use able over the web:

1. Windows side: ( i will assume you are using windows 7 ) at least i will post info link to windows 7...(most likely useable for all windows side os...)

You might need to set the "hfs machine" to a static ip address (this way when you open ports or use web traffice it has a "definite path"

windwos comand prompt:
cmd > "ipconfig /all"(<=command) has all the network info you need:

ip address is the machine address
subnet depends on your network most likely ""
gateway is your router's ip adress most likely ""

you will need to allow hfs thorugh your firewall

2. Router/(intranet) network side
you router will need the port you chose in hfs (say you set the port to 8080 go to you router- in a web browser typ in the ip address of your gateway)

enable "port forward" to your machine and the router to the same port ie port (starting port) 8080 to port (ending port) 8080

*note some router don't allow you to use your "public" ip address to view inside, so while your at home your webpage is accessible via the ip address you set to the machine earlier

(if your router supports it you can have it memorize you "hfs" machine "network address (known as a mac address) and assign it a specific ip address so it will always be "192.168.1.x" x being the number you set i chose 254 as it is the last number dhcp will use...

3. Internet/Modem side
go to
This is your public ip adress so when you are not at home you will go to this ip adress ( what is shown at the website above one of many website that can tell you your public ip adress...

You should now have hfs viewable form the outside world via:
(xxx your public ip address)

Since modems can be dynamic ip adress you can opt to get a "dns name so instead of typing you type a predefined word such as mywebsite.(frre public domain).org

DNS free domains names:
either by adding it into the router or have it client side, or even pre-setup in a dns online website..

I'm having good luck with using as my public domain...(website presetup)
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