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In wiki sections
HTML for the %item-archivable% symbol

In wiki symbols
Expands to the [item-archive] section if the folder is archivable
Sort of cofusing, which is correct, or are they both available?

In build 207  %linked-accounts% was added, but I don't find it in
wiki symbols section? Forum search didn't help at all.
I assume %linked-accounts% is supposed to return a list of linked
groups or accounts, but for me it only returns what ever is first in
the accounts dialog window ?

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item-archive is the correct form.
it's anyway something old, made before we had the "macros" scripting.
now you can do the same by using {.if.} and {.get|can archive.}

will reply the rest later

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i don't remember what made me think that a %symbol% was better than a {.macro.} for such feature.
i'm quite tempted in switching, but it may happen that i just don't remember the good reason i had (tho i doubt). god knows.

what it does is: telling every group that the current user is member of, even by inheritance. Since it may be more than one, they are separated by ";"

the problem about documentation was that i'm not steadily documenting new symbols, just macros.
but i won't document this, and will mark it as deprecated.
in place of it you'll get a macro command.
i will opt for using the existent {.member of.} that currently must be used specifying the group.
if you won't specify the group, it will TELL you the groups.
the name of the macro is appropriated, IMO.

the name is much more coherent, since HFS don't express anymore the membership as "account linking",
and we can eventually ask for groups of a specified account instead of being bound to the current one.

sorry for the verbose reply.