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Hi Leo,
Thank you very much for your reply.

This is indeed what I wanted to find out, can I solve the problem by macro of HFS. I'm glad it's possible.

I will thank anyone who can direct me to the exact script that can be written.

Thank you for your answer.
upload via webpage upload button work perfectly.

I'm try to allow IoT Device upload automatically via POST HTTP Request, not manually via web page.
The Path, like DEVICE_UUID\signal_log\DATE\ is dynamically changed by the specific device and the date, is it impossible to create the path in advance and give him the permissions. i'm searching for the way to create the path by the URL of the POST request, or accept the file upload anyway to some directory, instead returning 404.

The path can be one of the following:



Hi Everyone,

Sorry for my noob question. I have Data Logger that uploads CSV files to a predefined, unchangeable URL.
When I try to send the files to HFS, the log says that the server has disconnected. Using Wireshark I saw that HFS returns a 404 Not Found error.

Of course I set up an upload folder with the required permissions, and I manage to upload through the browser, and also with the Postman test. I guess, but I'm not sure, the problem here is that the device can't upload files by POST with a URL to a path that does not exist in advance, that looks something like:
(I turned here the slash so I could write the URL)

How do I enable the upload of files?

Is it necessary to write a script that will accept the call and generate the path? If so please please refer me to such example? Or in another way?

Thank you all.

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