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Suggest: HFS + MediaInfo

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Show info of media files on Templates.
MyFile.avi | Duration: 1 hour 32 min | Resolution: 760 x 250 | any other info...

We have large media collection.
For example - a lot of movies.
Before download user wan't know what he get (Quality, Lenght, Format, Codec info e.t.c.)

I don't know how  ;)
I am not programmer. Just usability expert.
But I think it will be posible if HFS interract with mediainfo.dll

What is MediaInfo?
MediaInfo supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file.
It is free software (free of charge and free access to source code: GPL or LGPL licence)

What you think about this idea?
How to dificult release this?

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I would rather add info about the movie or so maybe cover and cast info etc.. don't know how.

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it's interesting, thanks for reporting!
i will put it in the to-do list.
while it is not really integrated with HFS, you can interact with it by using a similar script inside your template under [file] section

  {.exec|C:\folder\mediainfo.exe %item-resource%|out=x.}
  here goes something else that will deal with the content of "x"