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Mp3 and %item-tags%

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Small one source got back delphi and who shall allow to extract the information, notably with mp3 files
A way towards the variable %items-tags% for [file.mp3]?
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Tags of mp3 files could be very interesting, but i ask you to consider some points.

- Accessing huge directories with mp3's while browsing would require to access a lot of files to get the tags, what could be greater load to the server than search for files.

- I propose writing the tags into the optional comment-file, because they only change when you add files.

- Perhaps we could have an option in hfs to create such comment-files on demand with an option like 'create comment' for: sound (mp3..), graphics(size of images), video (size and length)

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Hi everybody!

I took me the time and created my own Program to create Description for *.mp3 files.
it displays:
Artist - Title - Bitrate - Audiomode - Playtime

simply select a starting folder and it goes thru all subfolder and creates new Descript.ion file.
due to i wanted to have bitrate and playtime it takes some time to go thru all files...

Newest version also creates description for JPG and BMP and video files lihe mpg and avi.

 Please deactivate <use OEM for description> in the Menu .  

Greetings Patrick

download at :  LINK IS VOID, new version at end

Hallo allerseits!

Ich habe mir mal die Zeit genommen und mein eigenes Programm für die Erstellung der Descript.ion für MP3 Dateien erstellt.
Es zeigt an Künstler - Titel - Bitrate - Stereo/Mono - Abspieldauer
Einfach das programm starten und das Startverzeichnis auswählen, es geht von dort aus selbstständig durch alle Unterverzeichnisse und erstelle die Descript.ion. Bitte deaktiviere "use OEM for Description" im Menue

Patrick  new version
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you would have get a better result by clicking "modify" on your old message ;)