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Version 2.0 Beta - Build 5 Release & Download

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Post bugs/problems specific to this build here.

Build 5 is directly compatible with builds 2, 3, and 4, and can be upgraded directly, without special instructions.
To upgrade from build 1, first upgrade to build 2 following the special instructions, then upgrade again with build 5.

Note that due to changes to alongside this build, previous builds will not start unless they were previously used.

Build 5 Changes:

Improve: Account-delete.tpl is now much simpler because rather than removing FTP itself with redundant code it just calls ^removeftp|$1 (account-delete.tpl)
New:    On server start, the script will look for the root user files folder, and alert out to the admin if it isn't found for whatever reson (serverstart.tpl)
New:    To ensure server availability, if STunnel fails to start, SSL will not be forced over http if was set to do so (functions.tpl)
New/Fix: Added substring||: in some files to prevent auto shutdown if http port was manually changed before server install (ajax.installer.tpl, installer.tpl,
Fix:    The links to the help/faqs pointed to the old server and therefore didn't work, also they now point to the forum not the wiki (buttonheaders.tpl, footer-new.tpl, main page html.tpl)
Fix:    When deleting files so that less than 1MB was left, the new accountsize value would not be written, and would return a number to the user (saveaccountsize.tpl)
Fix:    Small fix where in maintenance mode, it would show 'this feature' instead of 'this server' is under maintenance (maintenance.tpl)
Change:    Changed the URL used to see if you're online in the installer so I could clean up my server (ajax.installer.tpl)
Change: server changed to - builds 4 and lower may no longer work (serverstart.tpl)
Change:    Removed the updater in favor or just letting the admin know of new versions - updates to 2.0 will be minor ones only (serverstart.tpl, ajax.update.tpl,
Change:  Removed the section that checks integrity of some files... it's unneeded and can cause problems (serverstart.tpl)
Change:    Made the coresponding new update system changes to the admin console (admin.main.tpl, admin.javascript.js.tpl, admin.ajaxfunctions.tpl)
Change:  Made some more changes to serverstart to ensure that FHFS is no longer dependent on the ajax startup server (serverstart.tpl)
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