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HFS and Vista and FireDaemon!

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I just upgraded to Vista Ultimate.

HFS works fine if started manually.

But I like to use FireDaemon Pro to run it as a service.

I like that because if HFS hangs, or if it is closed by accident  FD will restart it.

But now when I run in through FD in Vista It shows as running in FD an also in the services box but the TRAY ICON is not available. I have no way to OPEN the program. So any time i need to make an addition or deletion I need to close the FD service, open HFS manually, then exit it, restart FD to make it available.

Can anyone help me figure this out?

thanks in advance.



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it should be a problem in the account under which FD is running HFS.
but that may be a problem related to Vista.
i guess FD staff is more aware and able to help you work it out.

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Sevices run on a different level in Vista, they can no more interact with the desktop in any way. It's a security feature that has been changed from XP.

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