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A tip for those who cannot access HFS using their own external IP.

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A common configuration is having a modem-router which, on one side, is connected to iNet,
through the ISP, and, on the other side, connected to the LAN.

One of the LAN computers has HFS installed. Let say it's (this an example)
Notice that its IP should be fixed, so that the router can be set to redirect an incoming call
(from iNet) to the right local computer.

In my case, I choosed to set a non-standard port to HFS, let say 2000. This avoid to have
HFS disturbed by non-invited persons, playing on iNet.

Now, I have no problem to access locally HFS, with IP from
the computer having HFS installed. is a special IP called localhost.

I can also access using, from either LAN computer
or from any other computer in the LAN, for example

Now, here is the problem :

We assume external IP is 123.456.789.123 It can change from time to time, depending
on your ISP, but that is another subject (DynDNS). We assume that in the router you
directed port 2000 (in my example) to right LAN computer ( in my example).

You may think that from the LAN computer having HFS installed, you'll able to access
it using your external IP 123.456.789.123:2000

NO, usually, you wont succeed. You cannot reach yourself from iNet.

Here is the tip. Go to some proxy, anonymiser or not. Through the proxy,
you will succeed to acces your HFS ! That work with ultraSurf, TOR, or mor regular
anonymizer as