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hey you! test this!

ver: 1.5 rc9
+ now the statusbar shows the total bytes sent
+ Menu -> Other Options -> "Users"
+ Menu -> "URL encoding"
+ File Menu -> "Access for users"
+ File Menu -> Filters
+ items can be added to an autoupdate folder
- "Hide" should not be available for the root item

A happy user

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Hi Rejetto !

First of all, i'd like to say 'cheers' for the great job you did on HFS. It's a smart and nifty piece of software.

But alas, there still seems to be some problems left in the authentication process.

Ok, here is the context :

Let's say you have your root dir protected with a password and a user who is granted access to the root. Then you add a folder (this folder must have subfolders inside) in the root using drag and drop. You grant access to this folder to the user. Everything is fine and good until you try to enter any of the subfolder. The problem is that you can't. You must use the user/pass you set in "set user/pass...".
The problem is that subfolders don't inherit permissions from their parent folder.

Hope you see what I mean.
Any, HFS is just great !
Keep up the good work !

Another happy user

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Sorry to bother again...

Here you go :

Just launch HFS.EXE, click on menu, other options, users...
Then, just check the "enabled" check box and booom !
Access violation.
I guess that the check box should be grayed (disabled) when no user is selected or when there are no users in the listbox.

See ya for the next one  ;)

Offline rejetto

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it should be now fixed in rc10
and i also decided to show the "lock" aside the item when there are users configured for that item

Still an happy user

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Great !
I'm eager to see RC10.

Thanx for the great job !