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This request is likely not possible, but if it were!

Can HFS access ports via UDP so as to not need to assign an IP to the host pc
like Teamviewer or other programs do?

I would very much like to use this here at work but the prior IT guru lost the PW to our cisco router so there is NO way to be able to access it and assign - direct traffic. Tried to get the OK to buy a new one but they just do not understand the need.

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HFS does not use UDP. Also to allow incoming traffic to your workstation, you would need to open the port for UDP in your router.

Also if your prior IT guru lost the password for the router, a new guru should be able to reset the router to a default password to get new access to this router.
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http is only TCP.
if you cannot access the admin page of your router, you may still try UPnP, if it was enabled.
other possibility is to reset it: there should be a little hole to pin.