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Can't Connect Externally!!

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k i tried the HFS server program to create a website. I passed the self-test and computers on the same network as the server can connect to it if they type the internal ip address in the browser. But I want it so when you type in the external ip address someone not the same network can still see my website! But when I try to type in the external ip address of my router the page says "Took too long to respond." And on the HFS server display screen the bottom quickly blinks with the ip address of the computer trying to connect, but disappears. What should i Do???

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i am guess your router is not forwarding external requests to your PC.

first check your router if its forwarding to your PC.  the easiest way to setup a router to forward everything to a PC on LAN / internal ip is to setup a DMZ but it not really safe.

so what you should probably do is use portforwading. say if you lan if is  then you can set the router to forward port 80 to your PC.

also there is an option in HFS which describes from which address the HFS accepts connections...probablyt exploring that might help you.

good luck

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it's common problem, but there's really nothing to fix:
you stated "someone NOT on same network", and that's ok.
then you (on the same network) try to use the external address.
that's a non-working combination, and it's nothing up to HFS, but to your network.

if the self test says it's working, just trust it. :)