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plz help on accessing the server

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i have read as many post as i could and done as many as the suggestions as i could but i can not still access my stuff from another computer i have configured my router and ran the self test but still nothing i am a newbee to this and am very confused so if some one can help me id much appreciate it. this is the external it gives me but i still get nothing please help me

Well it worked when I went to it!  Is that what you wanted to know?  With the router problem you may need to login to your router using web browser.  When you login to it you need to make sure that the port hfs is using is forwarded to your computer.

Hope it works for ya!

and i have take all the neccissary steps on configuring my router but every time i use the address you used on any of my web browsers it tells me it doesnt work and i dont understand why

i can get my local to work but anybody i give the address to it comes back not working i have 3 browsers that i try it on and i get nothing and when i self test it says its good but i still cant access it
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1. you must give to other people the address starting by 24
not the other one you use to browse locally.

2. most of times, the external address (24...) will not work to you, just to others.

3. if the self test says it's ok, then the problem is not on your side. At worst you are giving the wrong address.