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Quick question on ports and multiple interfaces...

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Is there any sort of configuration within HFS that will allow the assign different ports to different interfaces? For instance, when using my wired Gigabit interface I forward port 45000. On my wireless, I forward 45001.

I've just been switching the port numbers manually whenever I switch interfaces but I was just wondering if there was any configuration to switch automatically.

And also, if there's no config within HFS, is there any shortcut switches I can use to start HFS using one port, another shortcut set up with another port?

Any reply is appreciated

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hi coopert
There is no feature in hfs to know how you are connectred to the net and then change the port.

But you can make two shortcuts to hfs, one mit some parameter to use a complement to the hfs.ini file that overrides the default port with an alternative port.

See the wiki for command line parameters:
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in next release you will find a new parameter: -c
so that you can more easily do things like
hfs.exe -c "port=45001"

it was long i meant to do this ;)