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When you install the program i am sure you receive the ip to connect to it automatically. But i get this ip. and it doesn't work for being outside my network. What do I need to do to fix this?

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Welcome BRandon

Look for first time setup at the wiki

Steps to get your server working:
1. Switch to expert mode
2. Select the port you want to use (80 default)
3. Execute the self test (in hfs-menu)
4. If self test returns ok, skip to step 7
5. Check your firewall and verify that hfs is allowed to use your port.
6. Check if your router does forward the port to your computer (how to open ports in your router:
7. set in menu -> start/exit -> find external address on startup
8. if you have a domain (example: set it to custom on menu -> ip-address -> custom , then select your custon url in menu -> ip-address.
9. If you want to update your ip of your domain, define it in menu -> Dynamic DNS updater
10. Save options (recomended: to file)
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