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Counterspy thinks HFS is a trojan

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I use Counterspy for spyware and suddenly I noticed I couldn't run HFS after a recent update of Counterspy.

I then realized that it not only blocked HFS but quarantined it from my system. I checked it and it's fine. I got the latest build, scanned it with NOD32 and it was fine. Counterspy scanned it and again said it was a trojan and recommended quarantine. I added it to the Always Allow list so I'm okay now but you might want to contact someone at Sunbelt Software to find out why they're doing this.

The message is as follows:

Server-FTP.Win32.SFH, Trojan FTP

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Yes, you did well to give it the necessary permissions.
CounterSpy normally would have had to ask permission before putting it in quarantine. :-\

In fact Counterspy said that this program (HFS / SFH :o :D) connects to the Internet as a server... Therefore a potential hazard.

It's just the wording of the message that is absurdly alarmist and inaccurate. (Server-FTP.Win32.SFH, Trojan FTP) ::)
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there are so many alarmistic softwares out there reporting HFS is "dangerous", i gave up telling them -.-
thanks for reporting anyway, it will be useful for those who will search for an answer