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How to use save in HFS Server

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hello i am Fahlide,
Iam new member and  recently installed hfs at my workplace,
but I still have something I don't understand, among them are,

1. There are 3 option in HFS, namely file system, regedit (all users), regedit (current user).
what is the difference between the three? currently I still use system files (.vfs) to store the database. and to update my storage select "save to" and replace the old .vps file. Are my steps correct?
In addition to the .vfs file I found this file (auto-generated)
Where is my database actually? in the .ini file or in the .vps?
because I read on the wiki documentation, it only mentions .ini files

2. If .vfs is only for the database, if I want to save/backup configurations (such as user pass accounts, template, etc.), can that also work?

3. If I want to upgrade to the latest version of HFS, what steps should I take, is there an automatic update method?

4. at my workplace, the old version of hfs was 2.2f which was installed by my friend first. Every time the light goes out, files that have been uploaded (real folders) always disappear. Sometimes it all goes away and after I check the .vfs file becomes 1 kb in size. Until now I don't know the cause.

Maybe friends here also have experienced it
i didn't find any .ini file in hfs 2.2f, is that so?

I hope there are colleagues here who can help me,

Thank you,


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1. you are talking about where to save options. To understand those options you should know what is windows registry and how it works.
My suggestion for those who don't know is to save options to "file"

vfs is separated from "options", and it's always on file. It's ok to replace as you do.
I don't know what you mean by "database". The ini file is for options.

2. to backup you need both the ini and vfs file

3. hfs 2.3 is compatible and requires no extra steps that i can recall.
hfs 3 is almost official and already available. Thousands of people are already using it. HFS 3 is not compatible with 2, and you must re-do your configuration.

4. i'm not sure, sorry. Version 2.2f is 14 years old. My suggestion is that you use something newer.