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HFS v2.3m - Open Directly In Browser (Download Button on page)

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How would I add or is there already a download button for files put into the option (menu>other options>Open directly in browser...) or using the MIME types.

Ex. when in playing or viewing window for (TESTED) .MP3, .FLAC, .WAV, .SVG, .PNG, .JPG, .MP4, or .AVI files "http:// hostname/example.svg.". Also the picture shows an example of how it's done on https:// (wikipedia) when you click on an image and then click the down pointing arrow in the right bottom corner...

If it doesn't exist in the mainline version, would I edit the template file and how? Also I'm aware you can right click and either save file as, save video as, save audio as, or save page as, it's just simpler if there's a button semi-hidden that you can bring up by clicking similar to wikipedia.
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hey, I gave a quick look and I didn't found any way, even by modifying the template, to get what you want with HFS 2.* .

What you are asking is anyway already available in HFS 3. You may consider that