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Routers & ports firewalls - Oh, my!

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Thanks j7n

Results on this end:
6-10-15 @ 9:40 am EST

Download via your hfs server link = .5 MB/s

Download via your ftp to my ftp = 1.6 MB/s

I don't know where your server is but I'm located in central New Jersey on the coast.
My ping to Stockholm is between 95 & 135. Download is 60MB/s and upload is 3MB/s via ookla speed test.

hmmm, I could understand Sweden throttling download but not upload......  as I've said, I believe it's something with my windows 7 or my fios router.
I've also used a linux boot disk with services, same issue.
I have an xp server I'll give it a try when I get time.

I've looked at the Dynamic send buffer disable (good call!) but I've reverted to windows 7 stock installation settings for now until I can get back to testing.

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it may not work 100% on windows 7, but try tcp optimizer, it can chage just about all teh widnwos side lan settings...:

it a lan tcp thing...:

use tcp optimizer only if the bandwidth is capable!.. (look into the math and device and find out your bandwidth before changing the slider!)... TCP optimize auto does some of this!...

click optimal...
then move the slider to (12)... apply changes

make a backup of the changes either via program or system restore!... restart and you should be receiving the speed!...
(this does not gurantess you that speed!...

There are many factors... If your 100%set that it is your router, you may have to call your ISP and switch it out...
good luck...
if you odn't use the program to chage setting, use it for the cacultor for your windwos speeds...
Files I have snagged and share can be found on my google drive:

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Download via your hfs server link = .5 MB/s
Download via your ftp to my ftp = 1.6 MB/s
Thanks for the results! It may have been just "a fluke". Or it may actually be that HFS has a limitation. Or it may be that the web browser has a limitation (for example, Chromium). Both FileZilla and HFS are running on my computer in the same conditions. I swear by FileZilla myself and use it for reference (the buffer size is a very extreme example and not necessarily "correct"). FileZilla can also push gigabit speeds on LAN on Pentium-4 grade hardware. 1.6 MB/s looks about right.

Problem with FileZilla and "users" is that sometimes FTP isn't accessible for them. They try PORT mode with local IPs, request weird directories because they can't parse the file listing, have problems with special characters in file names, and so on. Or they "distrust" an FTP server. This is where a webserver comes in.

I am getting 127 ms to you today, but the value was around 145 when I looked at it on the day the test was carried out. I am in Latvia, which is approximately 10 ms from (note that the main address is AnyCasted, but by default resolves to kst5 for me). My path towards Verizon goes through "" and "".

C:\>tracert 108.53.107.XXX

Tracing route to [108.53.107.XXX]
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms  router.j7nh []
  2    <1 ms     2 ms    <1 ms
  3    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms []
  4    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms []

  5    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms []
  6     4 ms     1 ms     1 ms []
  7     3 ms    33 ms     1 ms []
  8    29 ms    28 ms    30 ms []
  9    29 ms    29 ms    29 ms
 10     *       35 ms    32 ms []
 11   150 ms   119 ms   114 ms []
 12   120 ms   115 ms   115 ms []
 13   123 ms   130 ms   122 ms []
 14     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 15     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 16   126 ms   127 ms   127 ms [108.53.107.XXX]

OOKLA opens 6 to 8 connections. You can observe that if you run TcpView. If you go to FileZilla Client's settings and set "maximum simultaneous transfers" to 8, and queue this many large files, the speeds would match up. And you would be able to set the length of the test by your own choosing.

20 Mbit to Australia cannot be possible over 1 connection. No way.

Tele2 are all close to me. The site says that, "TCP windows have been slightly tweaked to support higher throughput."

You could also ask over at the forums I linked. They seem to have the expertise but only seem to concern with web browsers, which have too many variables in them. I have shared my experience with FTP/FileZilla and Tele2 over there.

I'm very pleased with the tele2 service. I was also able to benchmark my FileZilla Server by initiating a FXP transfer between it and their box. No other site offers this flexibility.

I'm looking forward to a follow up when you get time.
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You had mentioned a possible web browser limitation.......... hmmmmm....... network http pipelining...
Could Firefox be "another bottleneck" in http transfer performance? The plot thickens.
I use Firefox and it would seem that there may be a possibility to speed it up by 40%.  Is this an http issue, tuning or just snake oil. I'll need to look into it. Thanks you for the browser link, I didn't even consider that could be an issue.

I still feel like I'm circling the real issue and need to check out the router more carefully, maybe replacing it. If it's hardware, no tweak will fix it :(

The simplicity of HSF, requiring no extra software to install or download for clients is currently the optimal solution. We both know that TCP is high overhead  but other proprietary UDP ultra fast solutions are just too costly & too much trouble for the masses at this moment.
Thank you rejetto for HFS :)
will get back to this in a few days....

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I'm back to the file transfer grind stone once again.
Since some have been following this issue, I've tracked down some other information that gives a clearer picture of Windows 7 rwin and heuristics  issues along with firefox browser issues.
The following tests will verify if you have an issue with http & or file transfer speed.
A quick test to see if you are running into the problem: Open one browser window and download a large file (test file) from a known fast location. Note this result as 'speed1'. Now open two browser windows and start the same download at the same time in each browser Window. Note this result as 'speed2'. If 'speed2' is faster than 2 × 'speed1', then then your computer may have this problem.

That would explain 2 downloads or uploads being much, much faster than 1 individual download or upload. 
ie. I can upload or download 2 files at the same time @ faster speeds than I can a single file.  It seems windows 7 (or something) is only throttling each individual file and not sum of many files at the same time. The idea of 2 files uploading or downloading at faster individual speeds than 1 file boggles my mind.
Yes, I have this problem.

The next issue is the FireFox browser.
There are 2 locations I've found that deal with a firefox browser issue.
The first:
Increasing the speed of firefox browser:
The second:

It would seem that the second site above makes smaller changes to fiirefox.  I've tried both and they seem to be equal in increasing browsing speed. The results have been more than double but I've not put it all together yet to see the effect on ftp or http file transfer.

Unfortunately I can only work on this when I have ample time. (not at the moment)
Thanks for the browser tip j7n, if nothing else firefox is now ludicrous speed.

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