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How Self Test in Version 2.2f actually work?

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Can anyone advise technically how does this Self Test Work? (How it test the connectivity)
- What kind of "scenario" is it trying to test?

The reasons I am asking is because,
- If I configured Port Forwarding in the router, it Failed.
- But when I put the "Server" in to DMZ in the Router, it Pass the test.
   (The reasons I do not want to place HFS in DMZ is due to security as well as other devices is also in DMZ and that my router only allows 1 purpose in DMZ).

- I have configured the port forwarding 101% correctly and have the Firewall allowed the port, say 8080 or 12333, allow on both Incoming & Outgoing with TCP Protocol.

You may think that I have configure the Port Forward incorrectly and that is why it fails.
FYI, I have tested the same configuration on Port Forwarding and Firewall on other purposes such as VPN, CCTV etc.. and they work fine.



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the "self test" asks another server on the internet ( to try to connect to your hfs,
the server tries to connect to you and reports to your HFS the result,
so the self-test can show you the outcome.

you can always test your HFS port with other tools (websites) like