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Thanks ill look into that and probably try running another app alongside HFS if it doesnt work

since im already running a file server that lets the my app download things remotely
You can actually check it out using my ip. since i dont really want to reveal its domain link.
as far as i know its a read-only file server

Thanks for the reply!
What i am trying to do is basically use HFS as a simple API.
what i am trying to do is send a request to a file through the link including arguments that my application is going to send.
which is going to run a php script that would send a message through a discord bot that would then display a users game status and his nickname
And i am wondering if that is possible to do using HFS since ive wanted to move over to a personal host instead amazon/ google hackery and paid services

I'm trying to figure out a way to run a specific script by form of [request] or [download] but not any download or request but if a specific directory/ file is accessed.
i have looked though a bunch of threads and i could never find highly detailed information or a manual to use the file
if anyone has done this please help

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