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Hello all.

First of all, i'm a big fan of HFS. I've installed it on my home laptop, and works fine(windows 10 Pro-64 bit).
I've also installed hfs on a Windows server 2016 essentials. No problem here.

I also have a Windows server 2019 essentials, and this is where the problem is. So at this point i'm not quite sure wheter it is a HFS problem or a Microsoft problem.
The windows server is NOT a domain controller.

I want to use the hfs server on this windows 2019 essential server, but when i try to use the standard HTTP port 80 hfs reports: This port is blocked possibly by you router/or firewall.
 I switched off windows defender completely. IIS (internet information Server) is NOT running, so it can't claim port 80).
I have forwarded port 80 to my server.  But HFS refuses to accept port 80.

I know for sure that my ISP is not blocking port 80, since port 80 can be used on the windows 2016 essentials server.

When i want to run the webpage shields up (a website that can check external TCP ports_   on this server it reports that all ports are blocked.

So it seems to be a windows problem ?
Is this a correct assumption ?

Bug reports / user account login
« on: March 25, 2021, 07:37:34 PM »
Hello all.

I have a question about the user accounts. Or lack off

I use HFS 2,3. I forwarded port 8080 to my pc in my router. I don't have a domain name yet, but I can reach my HFS through my external wan ip address.
Everyone can see the "homepage"of HFS. So everyone sees the files and can download them.
I haven't even made a user account.
Is this normal behaviour from  HFS ? So why bother even making user accounts ?

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