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Using the latest dev version and having a roadblock where I want to limit a folder such that only a specific IP can view it/access it
But unable to find anything like this in the docs or on the forum

I think it may be possible via a script for that folder? Looking for some guidance on the same

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Help starting and securing HFS
« on: April 13, 2020, 05:58:48 PM »
I wanted to run a fie download server with HFS and got stuck with some issue

The setup I'm aiming for is like this

for (where links will be posted)
and say.. (the URL for the files)
Links to stuff on-site >> a proxy server over Nginx to secure my source server > links

Problems, major problems that I'm stuck with
1. How to configure referee function on rejetto, such that if a user takes a URL and steals is, they cant use it.
Ive no idea how I can get the referee to work, what should we even write here? ? (didn't work)
Maybe my Nginx isn't passing it, idk.

2. How do you control/disable "get list" function
I can edit the HTML and remove the button, but it wont matter if a user knows I'm using rejetto's fs, go to\&recursive
And done, all links are yours (getting point1 to work would be a great help here though)

3. If a user downloads he can figure out file2, file3 and so on. (This I actually asked in a different thread, if I can get point 1 and 2 to work, I can fix most of the damage)

I really want to use this to deliver my files but cant cause once I do, people are bound to steal the links and I'm done for. :/
Kindly assist, if this can be worked around, id like to know how.
If this cant be worked around, id like to know that as well so I can give up on this idea entirely.

router & port problems / Query regarding "URL path masking"
« on: March 21, 2020, 06:44:58 AM »
Been a fan of HFS for years now, testing and that and using it for casual stuff.

Recently tried to setup a small server to test things out, stuck with a small issue about url path
For ex

I have hfs running at and there are files i want to provide existing at,2,3 and so on
Problem is if a user knows the path of file1, he can simply edit the url and leech.

I can block "reading,viewing" the root or "folder" so user cant view all my files but can still try

is there any setting/method i missed under hfs that allows me to hide my paths in urls?
like maybe

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