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Thanks for the kind words!

I'd be a little wary of the "war-serving" label though - even if you are using PageKite, you are still legally liable for what you put on-line, and your front-end provider can probably be compelled by law to disclose your identity to the authorities or even shut down your account...

PageKite isn't some kind of get-out-of-jail-free card.  8)

Of course, if you get evicted from one front-end provider, nothing prevents you from moving to another one, or running your own front-end somewhere else. If you set up your DNS records carefully, your visitors might not even notice that you've moved.

For the service, we are still working through exactly what the legal situation is, what our obligations would be if we are served with a notice of copyright infringement, for example.

I personally think that if we are required to shut down an entire account because of one or two infringing files, that would be overreaching and disproportionate and would fight that to the best of my ability. If the account is used for nothing else... well... I don't know what would happen, to be honest.  When it comes to plain censorship (not copyright infringement), things are a bit different. I cannot see many situations where I would be willing to shut down an account to accommodate that. But that doesn't mean I couldn't be forced to. As a start-up, we are still small and quite vulnerable to DDoS, for example. :( Given time and many happy users, that will hopefully change...

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