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i would like to have a server like this (simple to use), if possible free^^,  where i can put a file and share the file's link.

People with this link can edit the txt file sans save it  on my server.

EDIT : work fine for old version (2.4B7) with allow option add. But dont work with new version (3.21) i dont know where is the option "allow upload" ....


im new and really bad into server awareness.

I have my http file (simple .txt file) on my computer. I want that other people can write on the txt file and save it as the "new version" but i really dont understand how can i make it .... they can easily read it, with ip adresse, but how can they write on it ?

im coding in Libertybasic langage. Pls dont forget that im not a professional ^^
thx :)

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