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Problem with running HFS V2.1d source code in Delphi 7 ???

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Dear all,
  i use Delphi 7 to open the HFS V2.1d source project and run it. there's no problem with comiling this project since i have already installed all needed units. i also can see the main window appearing with no problem. but when i click the button "Open in Browser", Delphi 7 reports exception like below:

Project hfs.exe raised exception class EConvertError with message ''' is not a valid integer value'. Process stopped. Use Step or Run to continue

and, the error part is in SysUtils unit of Delphi 7, like below:

procedure ConvertErrorFmt(ResString: PResStringRec; const Args: array of const); local;
  raise EConvertError.CreateResFmt(ResString, Args);

i know there's some wrong convertion, but i don't know where the error is. please help!!!

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when the process stop, delphi places the editor on the point where the problem is
it's probably a format* function