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FYI:Funny bugs with Opera browser

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I have some .m2p files (Canopus mpeg video file).

When i try to download them, Opera give them .wbmp extension. If you download test.m2p from hfs, you'll have test.wbmp on your client  ;D

SOLUTION: Go in Opera configuration, add to MIME type "video/mpeg" the m2p extension.

This bug could regard also other unusual extensions.

The second bug is with RAWR-player.

I have many .flv files, if i open them with Firefox, for all of them RAWR player can calculate exact duration, buffer and seek progress bar.

If i open the same files with Opera, some file cannot buffer, total time remains 00:00 and only sequential playback is possible.

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Probably an issue with Flash and Opera. I can't really control how a browser reacts to the flash application. I just make it, it works in flash. And that's how it is. It appears to work in my test Opera anyway (latest), just as well as any other browser. Flash is a separate thing to the browser, it is a plugin running on a different layer to the browser. Try re-installing/updating the flash plugin, otherwise nothing we can do.
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