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2.3 General workflow issue for users

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I have noticed while trying 2.3 many of my users tend to click the links for the files rather than the area around them to select.
i think it would be a nice addition for other users to add another td with  a radio button... i am currently adding a js button i use on my own site... if i get the time to read through all the http code... if you want the simple version of the js button just hit me up (i cannot stand the old radios lol)

aside from that 12 hours uptime, no problems, users are happy as hell to have folder creation!

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radios are not enough, it would go for checkboxes, but that's not the point.
you are right, it's far from obvious that if you click the name then it's download, and the rest is for selection.
making it different it's not a problem, just a matter of minutes, the problem is designing it good (to be nice and usable).
provide a screenshot if you have a suggestion. Everyone is invited.