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Running an e107 site off HFS

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Sorry for being a complete noob I am trying to host a website from my own tower and have no Idea how to do so...would I tear the file tree apart and put into HFS or would it just turn into a download tree mess  ???...any advice I would really appreciate I am just getting into programing and am learning as I go  :)


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Welcome Josh
HFS was designed to be ah Http File Server as his name says. For this use it works really great and is simply to use and set up.

If your 'website' you want to host only consists in a set of organized html or xhtml documents , that don't require server-side scripts nor database applications, hfs can be used for it.

If you need server-side scripting like php, hfs is not the right choice for your website.

But if you are a beginner (learning html, javascript and programming), a set of linked pages would be enoungh to start with, and this can be done using hfs, and perhaps you never need more as long you can host it on your own server.
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