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Do you feel sick with banners and other advertisements on ?

No, it's ok, while the service is free and open
6 (100%)
Sick, but only for the HFS webpage
0 (0%)
Sick, but only for the forum
0 (0%)
Sick, for both forum and HFS webpage
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 6

Voting closed: November 10, 2006, 05:22:49 AM

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These ads aren't of course paying me for the thousands hours i spent on this project, it is an hobby, but they pay the hosting and the beer.  ;D

You can vote, it is a fast way to let me know your opinion.
Unregistered people can't vote but can leave a message.
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Free beer is a very sensible argument !

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I don't mind one or two ads, but i hate lots of them spammed all over the page. I use adblock anyway lol so i cant see any ads unless its a forum post.  :D

And if its paying for your beer... we can probably live with a couple  of ads lol

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Use Adblock Plus and add to the whitelist.

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I don't mind the adds as i cant see them  ;D


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 ;D Same here, but if you do get ads I'll be sure to put you on the white list so you can keep this great project alive and free!