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Hi there,

I have a strange behavior, if HFS.exe has the standard name AND is in the same folder as before (downloads) I cannot drag and drop files inside the HFS window, I can add files with add files option.

If i move the executable out of the that folder or rename the executable (i.e. hfs1.exe) drag and drop works.

What could I check? I tried to "uninstall" HFS with its option but it is not fixed.
HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: Any one want to have a look at my HFS in Python?
« Last post by NaitLee on June 10, 2021, 05:18:51 AM »
TY Naitlee! ;)

Thank you also :D
See it's "trial" release for Windows, it works "right out of the box":
HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: Any one want to have a look at my HFS in Python?
« Last post by Eddie on June 09, 2021, 02:15:12 PM »
It's a hard work till now
You are brilliant! I wish I had stuck with programming many years ago and moved forward.. I am jealous a bit of your talents! So I grovel and learn from it! This is very cool None have said a TY yet.. Allow me to be first! Well done... I will be testing it a bit as time permits. D/l it now.. TY Naitlee! ;)
I hope my new post will help show some direction and whats been accomplished so far. I can read here most times but cannot login unless at place with internet. I DO!!! read all and go investigate. I have learned much from all of your responses. I can see my limitations as far as coding much so will be rilant omore on code which i can alter and edit around. As Naitlee suggested to make a help for me that woill be my next step. I went beyond my means maybe and sggested this for some other places like where I am an dthey are ready to go. I failed to admit I am not ready to send them a package thing nor do I have it all working here. Trial and error it will be then! lol. As with all thing.. :)
I deeply appreciate what you all are doing for those whom it will benefit! You have no idea the smiles this will bring in the days and short years many will be using this service!
Ok then.. Onward and upward..!! :> Cheers to all!
Hi Eddie, welcome to the forum.
@LeoNeeson --
Brilliant..  I had this on an old HD and forgot all about it! I found it was still mostly alive and has a new github fork even. the .de guys are making a comeback. Not sure why no interest other than maybe the name?
This is very cool but alas my routers not listed. Mine are all at least 5-10 years old. WRT supports 2 of them but never finished getting code on them after bricked on first try. haha. Then it was more of a challenge and unbricked .. back in box!
I have a shell script for dns from a program used to use dismantle virus's. called fakenet. No sure how will use it yet as I am thinking a CP wont need a DNS as anything/port will auto trigger next step which will be the main.index file in browser. One more thing on the dns is their are hundred of small stand alone servers on github etc that just need a compile. Seeing as the "network" will never have a real reason for a dns as all hfs will work on ports and 192.168.*.* or whatever I think it can be eliminated. I watch a android hacking video years ago by some guys doing metasploit hacks. They flood  the router till it goes offline while at same time putting up a clone of the router with a fake captive portal asking to relogin to router. then captures the info, drops connection and stops flodding router so it recovers and all seems like a blurp to end user. Now they did all this within kali/linux and if recall was not a big deal. building the a captive porthole/dns were all done in quick command line. I will dig it back out and view those sections again. I have a cert builder etc.. so even that should not be issue. Most people will be using laptop/WINDOWS or droids, maybe a ipad here and there so will have to see how it goes. Grand kids always trying to get grandma or great grandma on the internet/facebook. haha!
I sure was glad to see I had kept piratebox as I had an hunch that it was something special. that was years ago too! haha! SO I think I can get the pi to display a SSID. captive portal from pi or to PC for hfs and maybe the template danny suggested earlier. I am almost out of time before going so will have to wait another day to go look. am hope he will have seen his post by now. All this is typed offline and quickly posted here..
No afraid to ask or show/tell my lack of knowledge in a subject.. Just getting here is a issue! But.. when all is said and done, you guys and I "US".. WE will have made some elders feel really good! I will be rewarded with many cupcakes and will send pictures! JK... I will get a picture of them all together if ever that is gonna happen in this world again, and send it here. Smiles all around! :>

If you have the movies in generally browser-compatible basic mp4,
@danny. WOW are you kidding me? Is this in the forums listed as stripes? If so, please direct me. I am not sure I tested that on. I wen thru so many trial and errors not sure if remember all of them by name :> this will all be documented and such when done so a package can be made for other who come after me to have a qucik setup for their neighborhood or event! Even If I dont reply often, I will be back! Promise!!! : TY!!
hi Eddie,
about your streaming problem,
@ rejetto-
Yes.. It would be counter productive to have all the ladies gather together in their own kitchens and watch a movie together while chat etc if they all had to download it forst.. and it would over burden my simple PC and its bandwidth even offline and sending direct over a port via html. I looked at the frames idea.. I dont know how to do that. I read much about it and even played with some examples. I guess I will need at least 2 tho. one for the video to stream and one for the chat window. anymore than that I would not have need for. As explained to NaitLee above.. my coding skills are pretty much lost. I was back in days when FORTRAN and REXX were a thing.. The internet wasnt even a real thing short of the DARPA version of it and some local .edu. Uggg.. So I will be trying to find some templates to alter for my needs with some:playing around" with them till get it working.. YES  this is hard without some to ask question more. I missed so bad to come back an answer but a upgrade on browser decided to NOT carry over my setting. I was not worried as had all backed up with FEBE. When try restore thru FEBE I was told it was wrong version and it literally flipped me off! I saw it.. lol. So much for g00gle! Back top firefox/tor :> TY for advice.. I copied this and will see what I can figure to next step. I am posting below some on that next.
I will get my email pass back as am sure I have from you.. Sorry but this was important to not have you guys think I was just being a dolt!
Ok then.. I REALLY want this to be centered around hfs. I certanlt love hfs for size and compact out of the box approach. and runs better than windows with a service pack or 50 a month. Got Linus! If this was just a branch of what could be done at JUST  the local level at say a concert event or a local neighborhood part etc.. Anywhere where you got people within a football field distance of you, and more if higher band router/wifi, it would surely help you get hfs in front of more people. Make up a package deal for just this type of application and drop ona RasPi and ebay them for 99.99! :> SBut who needs $$ right? haha.

Check out below for sure rejetto!! Soon ya be porting hfs to droid! or better yet FDROID! :>
Cheers and Ty for help!!

My mind says:
@NaitLee - I Believe I have the captive portal problems fixed. I just now need to get it to force the hfs/port/ndex file. Yes the browser are the issue for sure.. None seem to out of the box support a stream without some trans-coding which is a unneeded step. All videos are already in mp4 container and wil play flawlessly if say stream them local from vlc to browser. I spent last week seeing if my mind could get back into coding as it was back 30+ years ago in college and the answer seems to be no. I can hack at it but cannot sit still and stare at a black editor :/ - As for you offer to do a streamer, yes.. indeed I would love this. I will ofc have music as a alternative for those who just like to chat and hear music. Or.. just hear music. :) Folks here are elders and they are glad of anything but the nonsense they are stuck with on the tv stations!
My format for all videos now is mp4. I dont have the horsepower to on the fly transcode so 720 seems correct and thats what all DVD's etc were ripped down to. demux them and then remux back again seems like another wasted step and will pass on that route. Its taken me this long to get nothing done so dont want to add more: > Appreciate the help. You made a very nice set of templates. I lost all my passwords in other browser when updated it and was able to read here but not login. FIXED!! :>
HFS ~ HTTP File Server / about freedns?
« Last post by sdyxz on June 06, 2021, 03:16:42 AM »
Hi all,
I found that my external IP changes every several days, so I have to use a dynamic DNS, and some major free DDNS servers is shut, and finally I got freedns.
I registered and added a subdomain like:
then I got an update url, which is like:
and I put that into HFS custom, and I got "New external address:*.*.*.* via
..... DNS update requested for : 47 bytes reply"
I think that's a good to go.
But, or both don't work in browser. - 22222 is my port in HFS, and, I've checked days ago, ip:22222 works.
Any idea?
HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: Running HFS Behind A VPN
« Last post by patriciafoster on June 03, 2021, 07:30:21 AM »
Can you ping any other devices by hostname? It sounds like the DNS settings for your VPN are setup incorrectly, you need to set it up so that points to the local DNS server when connected.