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%sym-blablabla% does not work

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>_< it simply shows %sym-blablabla% instead of the contents of [sym-blablabla]

tested it with build #093, #096 or #097 dont remember and #100..

Am i supposed to enable anything before it works?


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I've had no luck with [sym-NAME] - %sym-NAME% either.
I'm using ver 100. I assume its suppoted in all sections ?
Maybe someone can give an example ?

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hey guys, im testing the new version (100) with the new features, but some of then i still cannot get to work, could somebody tell me if this new kind of user symbol/section actually works?
`couse i tryed some combinations, and none of the worked...
also i tested with every version of the hfs released since the addendun of this function, and none of then worked..
even the version that holds it debut, the 093...
hey somebody know why this happens?

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