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I was redirected to Adobe site

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First, I must thank the author of the HFS. HFS is a nice tool I am using day to day. and I will recommend HFS to my team members.
Now, I got a problem while using HFS. I have a folder which path is: c:\downloads. I added this folder to the HFS with "real folder" option. But when I accessed the folder's url in my browser, I was redirected to Adobe's website.
I turn on the debug option of "Dump traffic". I added this dump file as attachment.
The following is the version information:

HFS: 2.3 beta build 222
OS: Windows XP Professional, SP2
Browser: IE 6.0; Chrome; FireFox 3.0.5 (I got the problem in of these browsers)

The attachments:
hfs-dump.txt: the dump traffic result in RAR format (because of the forum's limit of attachment, I rename the file from hfs-dump.rar to hfs-dump.txt)
2009-02-09_151236.png: the resulted Adobe website screen capture I got.

Thanks the author again and I love HFS!

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That url must be used by adobe downloader or something...

Didn't work on my system though...

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have a look in the folder , certainly you have a file as index.html or default.html , rename them to .old

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welcome ydoa!
your attachment seems to be truncated/corrupted.
as mars says, it is likely that you have an index.* or default.* file in your folder.


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Very very thank you guys!
Yes, There was a file named "index.html" which redirects to the Adobe website in my folder.
I deleted this file, and it works fine.

Thank you very much again.
And I love HFS!