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Asus N-10 and DNZ

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Hello everyone.

I have used HFS for 4 last years and it is one of my favorite apps. I can't say I'm deep into network and stuffs, just a regular user who uses HFS for file sharing.
So I get new router (instead of old ADSL modem) with WiFi to finally let some devices use my connection.

But problem is that HFS detects my local PC adress ( Some people pointed me to DMZ so I tried this out (just typed IP I mentioned before in DMZ). Right now I can access HFS from internet, but in the program itself it still detects local one. I dont really understand what should I do here so I'll be glad to hear any answers.

Cheers, Alexander.

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that local address is YOUR address.
The internet address you get is actually the one assigned to your router.
To make HFS work over the internet you configured your router.
You can tell HFS to automatically use your router's address. It is called "external address", and you will find some features about it, like "find external address at startup". Since your external address when you reconnect to the internet, it's good that HFS refresh it.
Any way you can tell HFS what address you want to use, it's in the IP address menu.
You may also choose to use a dynamic DNS. If you don't know what it is try to google it.