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Advanced connectivity issue - Please help

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HFS was installed and running fine. Service was Comcast cable.
I just added telephone serve with Comcast and the upgraded the mode.
This new modem is cable, phone & router.

To simplify installation I set the new modem/router to dhcp and assigned my old router
a static ip address to it. I then DMZ's the Comcast router to that IP#.

The network works fine, all my old rules and port assignments are ok.
I can VNC into any pc from the WAN just as I did before.

BUT HFS will not work!
Whenever I run the self test all i get is "Self test is not available at he moment".

Ant Idea why?

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sorry for the late reply.
the self test is not reliable atm. Test differently.

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no idea at comcast but generally router remote management can be accessed at port 80, and HFS might also run in port 80.. a conflict might be seen here..

try to change your HFS port into different one.

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I have this issue all the time...,

The issue is caused when hfs does the self test that it is going out to test if ports are open, and the router where hfs is is able to go thorugh....,
but not all the packets being sent are coming back as the dmz enabled router is sending it up and back on tyhe routers not going back to the HFS machine.

HFS is still working, doing the test may change you port number...

hfs computer machine :Time - to - Live (ttl) > Your network > ISP network

Your setup form post:
hfs machine> (router 1)the router with ports open > (router 2) comcast equipment router Dmz to router1

issue, hfs sending packet to check if open on router 1 while waiting for a response when packets are being set forward to router 2....
 solution: unknown- hfs is still working due to DMZ port forwarding rules...

some networking ingenuity can fix this... but its not really worth the effort...
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