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&RQ.NET Planning Thread

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joxy: Compile new sources runtimely can easily be added to Java, just noone implemented this.

In fact, every IDE has a debugger which compiles changed sources into the running executable, all in runtime.

MSVC supports this, too. (This is called "Program Edit and Continue").


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i want to say few things
- C# is likely to be the technology we will use for the new &RQ for several reasons
- i'm already designing classes
- i'm studying C#
- i'm using #develop, and it should be the preferred tool since it is free
- i'm a C# newby, and this is not a good thing. must be aware (and experienced) of tools the language offers you, to choose the right tools (ad i'm not talking about software tools...not only). i'm afraid i won't choose the right tools.
- it will be multi-protocol, and it will support non-IM protocols, like IRC
- the core development should involve ~2 developers
- shame on who asks about ETAs

Please Please Please, Use simple C / C++, or Delphi, do not use c# , the program cant be optimized at all if coded in c#, it will be heave, large, slow, laggy.. Noone will run a program like that, not even microsoft themselves uses C#!!!