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HFS ~ HTTP File Server / URL's in comment tab?.. If so how?..
« on: August 22, 2010, 11:55:02 PM »
Ive been trying to figure out if its possible to link a video (via URL) with in the comment tab on a file..
Adding an "INSERT HYPERLINK" does not work as in [.url][/url.]......

Im doing this for a file that I would like a video pre-view linked to it..

Both the file and the video are already on my HFS tree however Im not sure how I can link the 2 or even just have a click-able url link showing with in the comments of the main file..
As stated I tryed to insert the hyperlink  command however that did not work with in the comments as it just shows the [.url][/url.]

Hope this makes sense - If not Ill be more than happy to try to clarify

Thanks in advance,

Added the .with in [.url][/url.] on the above question on purpose just so it would show here with in this thread for the question.. Other wise it would have shown liked this: http://

Im having some issues with my custom favicon not showing in IE8, Oprea (latest version) as well as Chrome (latest version)..

However my custom favicon does show fine on Firefox (latest version) on my PC as well as other "outside" PC's running Firefox also..

I know a normal favicon.ico should be labeled like this between <head> ~ </head>..
Witch it is and the script would be labeled like this:
  <link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" >

However Im using an animated .GIF favicon..
This is where the issue is found as the custom .gif icon works only on Firefox and is scripted like this between <head> ~ </head>:
  <link rel="icon" type="image/gif" href="animated_favicon1.gif" >

My issue is why the custom "animated_favicon1.gif" is only showing in Firefox and not with in any other Internet browsers..
(exsample: On IE8 it will still show the IE logo with in the tabs.. Not the custom favicon)

Anyone have any ideas why the custom favicon is not showing?..
Thanks for your time..

Beta 266
Also if its any help Im using this site (link below) to make my custom animated favicon:

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Pre-veiw Speed VS. Download/Upload Speed
« on: August 14, 2010, 01:49:10 AM »
Quick question that's been bugging me for a few months now..

Why are pre-view speeds higher (ruffly 1MB/s on my end -running server-) then upload or even regular downloads?..

My norm for downloads hit around 200KB/s while uploads are around 120KB/s..

I can understand about upload speeds being rather low (even though 120KB/s is to low for my ISP witch is running on a 2MB/s Upload connection & a 10MB/s Download connection :'()..

The thing that seems odd is on a normal download shouldn't the speed equal the same as a pre-view download speed?..

Maybe a dumb question but I just had to ask as I did not see it within the searches here..


EDIT: If it really matters or not Im using the latest beta (as of date posted) witch is #266
NOTE: does not matter what templet I use as all downloads/uploads are slow on my end..
Limits are all disabled with in VFS..

*Any suggestions or pointers on why streams are faster then normal Down/Uploads*

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