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generate m3u playlist - folder-streaming

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the situation
i got a folder on my hfs foldertree
in the folder there are only mp3 or the file mask show only the mp3 (;-P)
there is a link in the page generated by the template that hfs calls %list% when i click on the link the broser leads me(its opening in the browser) to a file called ""
i click on it with mouse right button
i save the target as Any-Name.lst
and this file wont open with any of my mp3 players correctly, but when i rename it from .lst to .m3u the winamp can play the playlist (yeah! finally got my web-folder-radio-browser-window-independent-auto-generated)
and now finally, my question

is there a way to save the file generated (the .lst) just clicking on it, but saving with the extension .m3u?

i donĀ“t know how to do this, but i know that someone good in js knows how to do this....please, somebody can help?
please put the code in here (javascript, anything, but just hfs and none of third part tool like winpy or SWF flash player...)
HELP as to get a radio

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in the default template there is a line
Code: [Select]
<a class=little href='%encoded-folder%~files.lst'>File list</a>change it to
Code: [Select]
<a class=little href='%encoded-folder%~files.lst.m3u'>File list</a>
it should work