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Dynamic DNS, which provider do you use with HFS?

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Report list from

Comprehensive list providers and an introduction to how it works:
  • - Allowing free third-level domains under a provided array of second level names, as well as user-provided second-level domains.
  • - URL cloaking and dynamic DNS.
  • - Australian based DDNS provider. Commercial services and free entry level accounts. Remote update clients for many platforms, including Unices and Windows.
  • - Compatible with R3, R4 and R5 clients, and a listing of service providers from around the world.
  • DHS International - Low-Cost dynamic DNS provider allowing static hostnames to be mapped to dynamic IP addresses.
  • DNS Park, LLC. - Web-based domain name management services with forwarding, and redirection.
  • - Service provides domain name servers for the DSL, cable or dialup modem user.
  • DNS2Go - Service provides a dynamic IP address the ability to run any kind of server from any Internet connection on any platform, including Windows and Linux.
  • dns.widge - Web based creation and management of DNS services.
  • Domain DNS - Free DNS and forwarding service provided by
  • DtDNS - Offers DNS hosting and related services to home users and hosting firms. Free Dynamic hostnames, custom nameserver branding, e-mail forwarding and spooling services.
  • - The Dynamic IP addressing system with client application, and DNS provider.
  • DynDNS Info - DynDNS FAQ and information.
  • - Provides DNS hosting services, free dynamic DNS, domain registration, mail services, network monitoring, and web redirection.
  • - Free Dynamic IP Hosting with support for Danish, English, German and French languages. Also features IP redirection, Site down messages, URL redirection, and MX records.
  • DynIP - Provides DDNS, allowing you to put the server for your domain name on a dial-up connection.
  • DyNS - Dynamic and static DNS service, domain registrations. Free and premium services.
  • - Dynamic DNS service, provides privacy policy, statistics, and servers listing.
  • Eastwind - Web and email redirection services.
  • - provides Free DNS Hosting with US and Europe nameservers.
  • - Provide static DNS services as well as many advanced services such as Dynamic DNS resolution, secondary service, AXFR service, and domain2web redirection.
  • GnuDIP Dynamic DNS - Server software for giving Dynamic IP addresses, static domain names.
  • - Offers dynamic subdomains, email and web page forwarding.
  • - Free domain parking, dynamic DNS, and DNS management.
  • - Offers DNS services, such as Dynamic DNS and Web Redirect.
  • DNS Service - Free Dynamic DNS, sub domains and managed DNS services. Web based update utility. No banner adds or nag-ware, totally free sub-domain service.
  • Nicolas' Internet Services - Offers dynamic DNS, hosting, web mail, and URL forwarding.
  • Nikhilino Online - Dynamic DNS (DYNDNS) service for .com .org .net domains. Client runs on all major operating systems.
  • No-IP - Provider of Dynamic DNS network services and URL redirection. Three packages available.
  • Open Domain Server - Dynamic DNS provider offering multiple free public domains and support for user-supplied domains.
  • PlanetDNS - Run your own web site, mail server, ftp server by associating a domain name of your choice to your currently assigned dynamic IP address. Works with cable, DSL, ISDN or dial-up connections.
  • SolidDNS - Provides Dynamic DNS services and domain registration.
  • StaticCling - Static hostnames for your dynamic IP. Native clients are available for almost any operating system.
  • - Dynamic DNS service allowing or
  • DynDNS - Bulletin Board Service (BBS) oriented Dynamic DNS provider.
  • Tzolkin Corporation - Features include offline webpage, signon and signoff IP address control, and new change domain and change email functions.
  • Virtual DNS - The Virtual DNS service provides an alias for dynamic IP addresses to a static hostname.
  • - Gives free domain names for dynamic IP's, for dialup connections on all major operating systems.
  • ZA NiC - Free domains. Service policy, mailing list, and FAQ.
  • ZoneEdit - Simple and free web-based domain manager which allows you to safely administrate DNS, mail and web forwarding.

Please take the time to post, thank you for the information. ;)
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i use
For about two years with updating from router (worked fine), now since 2 months with dyndsn-updater running on an XP-PC.
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    • View Profile I've been using the same account for about 12 years now. :D

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cjb rocked all the way :D was born as, then i bought the domain

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Im running an old P2 333, Win/XP 328mb Ram.
No Prob's Ever, No Forced page ad's or pop up's!

Also My Router has the DynDNS built in!
"Zonet 1134WE" :-*
I Have HFS Running My Website & hosting my files! :o