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Bug reports / Re: How to delete files.
« on: November 17, 2021, 05:14:49 AM »
It's just another problem of HFS 2.4 default template, and the direct fix is stated in a GitHub issue/forum report. (see below)
Also, switching to another template (with working "delete" function) can help.

Choices are Takeback and Mobil-light. You can find them in Template sub-board :)

I think @NaitLee or @Danny already reported a similar this error (I can't remember).

... I think it's dj found this bug first ::)
The GitHub issue:
There is maybe one/some report(s) in Beta sub-board too :D
(ps. see dj's post here. this post is a bit later than that, but started editing before that)

Also, rejetto... For this whole year, the only time he speaks here is to celebrate my birthday... :'(
Now the cake is in his profile now... :D 🎶 Happy birthday to you 🎵, rejetto :D

so changing system code page will not solve this.

Yes, this only works with "common" encodings, such as Chinese & Japanese, but not Thai.
Use HFS 2.4 if possible ;)

In my test, after changing code page to Thai, a folder named "อรุณสวัสดิ์" can be put into HFS 2.3, but the URL Encode result (which should to UTF-8) is incorrect.

According to further test, these are the conversion steps of HFS 2.3 (or Delphi without Unicode):
- Windows think this program cannot understand UTF-16 (the filename encoding of NTFS) and converts that to ANSI Thai "code page": TIS-620
- HFS 2.3 regarded this TIS-620 raw data as GB2312 encoded
- Then convert the raw data to UTF-8 with GB2312 map
which will succeed the action but get wrong data :P

So this problem cannot be solved in 2.3 unless we have a hack in the old Delphi, add the TIS-620-to-UTF-8 map, be sure it will be correctly used, then re-compile...
Too complex then just upgrade to HFS 2.4 :D

Ps. encoding test can be done with Notepad++ on Windows, or any good editor on GNU/Linux. Also the command-line utility "hexdump" can show you the true raw data of a file.

HTML & templates / Re: The "Takeback" template - A different & modern taste
« on: November 10, 2021, 12:43:18 PM »
I sent you a PM with more details :)

Now it's obvious... :D So I should explain the two "Archive"s again

"Archive" is not "Download". While they both give users files, archive means to bundle all/selected files together, while download usually means only one file.

Also, have a look again at my previous message, especially the explanation after the 2nd quote.
Now you know there's 2 different "Archive"s, and the second one is which you need. It appears after selecting items, on the preview panel, as underlined brown text.

So you shall modify the note for users, say that they need to "download" selections with "Archive" on the preview panel ;)
... Or for a better approach, put this in HTML/CSS:
Code: [Select]
#preview > div:nth-child(3) > a:nth-child(5) > span:nth-child(1) { color: cyan; }
.part2 > p:nth-child(1) { display: none; }
These CSS highlights the correct "Archive" and removes the incorrect one.
( be sure to modify anything to fit exact needs )

HTML & templates / Re: The "Takeback" template - A different & modern taste
« on: November 10, 2021, 11:09:28 AM »
I have a small problem with this
I share albums and if i try to download a single track from an album it then downloads the whole album
Love the layout though
Any help would be appreciated
Thank You

Glad to hear feedback :)

Please give more info of that problem, such as:
- What action did you do for downloading? Maybe it's the cyan "Download", the "Archive" at page bottom, or the brown "Archive" after several selection...
- What is the form of an album and tracks? Are they appear as files inside a folder, or just one file, or a .m3u(8) file?
- ...

Good luck :D

Except, when you click "Archive", you will get a "*.tar" file containing only files shown in the list, but not folders.

It's about the "?recursive" parameter in the url ("urlvar"). When it is there, the sub-folders will be included, and will not otherwise.

In the case of Takeback (and also Throwback), this parameter is not included in the "Archive" at page bottom.
Rather, in Takeback, it's included in "Archive" action when doing multiple selection of files/folders. So, if you select all items and do "Archive" in the preview pad, the archive will be full :)

Yes, it's not easy to discover. May choose an alternative method in future.

Firstly, your Windows system language is English, which means that the "code page" is maybe also English-only.
As HFS 2.3 is non-Unicode, you should change the system code page to Thai (or relative) -compatible, then the problem may be solved.

Here's a related link, all answers inside are helpful.

After changing, please re-launch Windows & HFS and put the folders again.

( many terminologies here  ::) search the web for more information )

Then, if above didn't work, may try HFS version 2.4, which supports Unicode. Find its development/download link in "Beta" sub-board.

Last note: HFS 2.3e is an insecure & vulnerable version. Switch to 2.3m or above if possible ;)

中文 - Chinese / Re: 在找 HFS 的中文资源吗?在这里哦 ;)
« on: October 25, 2021, 01:35:44 AM »
HFS 2.3 里的好多字符串都是写死在代码里的,不能通过翻译文件更改。
HFS 2.4 很好地修正了这个问题。
如果需要完整的翻译,建议使用 HFS 2.4 版本:
它还在 RC 阶段,不是很稳定。可能需要在这里找找更多的资源和帮助。
…… 这里好多有意义的资源都是英文的 ::) 有不懂可以随时在这里问 ;)

Everything else / My new avatar
« on: August 29, 2021, 03:46:03 PM »
I costed some money online and got a new avatar picture. As cute as the original! But will be better to be used somewhere like a introduction image/slideshow/video etc...

In attachment there's a smaller & watermark version of the avatar. I want to reserve my copyright since I want to use it far later.

Enjoy the cuteness ;)

The results show that the "Takeback" template works well until RC4. This problem only occurs in versions RC4 and above. What's more, in RC7 (the latest version currently), this problem occurs even when I'm using the default template, and this time you will get a page of javascript from the server.

My test conclusion:

- The default template of RC7 is doing the wrong thing: post selection data to a javascript data section, so the server did nothing other than sending javascript.
  - Please wait for rejetto to fix this :)

- My template have a bug, the helper.getFilename() function returns an empty string for folder names (which ends with a slash /, not considered ::)), and after that sends an empty selection to server, then server think it should do nothing
  - This will be my another job ;)

Thank you for doing a lot of work testing 🎉

Hey man. I really enjoy your amazing template! And THX for your translating here, that's nice!~

Oh thank you!

For the "fixed size" problem, it's when I "inheriting" the star field css and forgot to delete them, also forgot to test.

I'll fix them :)

Everything else / Re: Today is my 18th birthday :)
« on: August 19, 2021, 04:18:28 AM »
Thank you everyone! 🥰🥰🥰

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: Is HFS 32bit or 64bit software
« on: August 19, 2021, 04:07:06 AM »
Original HFS is 32 bit application. You can check in Task Manager with hfs.exe opened, there will be "hfs (32 bit)" in the list.

@Rapid have customized version of HFS that is available in 64 bit binary.

By the way, what does it exactly main by "requirement"? Introduce it more will be better for us to help you :)

中文 - Chinese / HFS 相關的繁體中文資源(翻譯)
« on: August 17, 2021, 03:59:39 AM »
熱心網友 @MongWu.NeitherHowger.Long 為大家做了好多翻譯工作,包括 HFS 2.4 RC7(lng)、官方範本(template)、Takeback 範本的對應繁體中文翻譯!

附件有用於 HFS 2.4 RC7 的翻譯檔案,放在 hfs.exe 同目錄下、重啓 HFS 即可!

Here is the script, add to diff tpl of root folder.

Code: [Select]
{.set|real_folder|{.vfs to disk|%folder%.}.}
{.set|command_line|7za.exe a -bd -y -ttar -o"{.^real_folder.}" "{.^real_folder.}\archive.tar" "{.^real_folder.}".}
{.add to log|{.^command_line.}.}

And don't forget to download the console version of 7-zip, and extract "7za.exe" to the folder that contains hfs.exe.

After that, visit "http://localhost:8080/folder/?mode=section&id=7z".

The drawback is, it creates a new archive, maybe not what you want because it costs space.

Just remembered PHFS also creates a new archive in system %temp%.

So, HFS have advanced technique that stream an archive on-the-fly. The best solution is still wait rejetto to fix the 8GB issue in original HFS. :)

Seems an external file compressor is necessary now :D

We can archive files with HFS macro with external command-line software such as 7-zip. This will be a workaround for the tar problem.

If this problem affects you deeply, let me do it now :)

Also, please have a try on my PHFS? The link is in my signature, it uses Python libs to archive to tar format and is more stable.
I'm wondering is there also a problem with PHFS. Testing is welcome!

Everything else / Today is my 18th birthday :)
« on: August 09, 2021, 06:30:55 AM »
... But no one cares about this  :'(

Here is my most familiar place, so I speak something here :D

The age 18 means a lot at almost everywhere.

Many ones say that I'm "pre-matured" "since i'm small". But now that I have a reason to say "you are wrong" to them.

I coded many, but got few attention. I don't want to get polluted by proprietary, but I still want my creations to help ones get better, get more freedom to their computing rights.

I trust GNU philosophy, which will be a hard step in a world with surveillance. Rather than failure expected by eyes around me, I got a "victory" at here, created my own HFS template & HFS (yeah, see signature 8)), brought light to HFS world. Though this land is small, but with infinity fun!

I learnt JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, and now C#. I'm not one that always stick at one thing till die. I even bought a book that teaches anime drawing for game creation. A person should always follow "learning" in his life.

Everyday my mind echos some annoying stuff, somewhat like "you must use WINDOWS to complete your daily task here", "ActiveX is the most ADVANCED technology in this world, so we should use IE to surf the Internet"... ... Wrapped by these disgusting things, I really to escape, escape to a far-far land without control by so-called "big companies". Windows do good as a personal OS, AX is sure a fun thing in the past. But they should not be used as a reason to stop discovery. I used GNU/Linux for one year to complain about this, but who cares? ... ... All in all, I HATE them, that's why we should FIGHT against them.

Also ones say who talks too much **** is only saying, without any real effect. But, God knows how many kind persons enjoy giving to others, and also how many helpless persons enjoy them? 人之初,性本善。Do not get your eyes masked by a piece of leaf.

This is more like a presentation. But, these are what my heart thinks. Please, let's enjoy this day, which is another peace day to hack  ;D ;D ;D


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