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I give up

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After playing with the system for an hour, I give up.
1) even thou I restrict access to certain users, anyone can still access and download, etc. any file. It makes no difference if you are logged in or not.
2) even if it worked, there seems to be no way to restrict access to a directory. I don't want anyone to even see what is in the directory without logging on.
3) You really have no explanation of the workings of the system, so configuring is at best guesswork, and when things do not work as you think they should, there seems no resource.

It may be a good idea, but it simply does not seem to work and I do not have the time to play with the many setting to find the one that may or may not work.  i could never got it to work at all as far as restricting access.
Plus, there needs to be a log off button.

..and then to top it all off when I try to post, can't read the 'security code' and hit Listen, it crashed the browser

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1. what version are you using? (specify build number if you can)
2. do you see a "lock" icon near the directory you are trying to protect?
3. when a folder is protected, you can't even see the list of files, yes.

the simple tutorial for a protected folder is:
. drag a folder from the hard disk into HFS
. choose real or virtual folder, as you prefer
. right click on it (in HFS) and "set user/pass" (of course it works also with accounts)
. you see a lock icon near the folder

i had no problem reported about this forum, what browser do you use?