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Streaming to PSP with HFS

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Hi guys.. im kinda new to the rss thing and im trying to set up hfs so i can stream my mp3's to my psp. i have followed this guide:
 my psp is able to add the rss stream but when i go into the rss channel and select play it comes up with "A server error has occured. (HTTP Status Code: 401)"  How do i fix this?? Please help!!


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(I'm sorry to revive this topic but i think that is right)

I have compiled some rss for streaming to psp.
But... I get a 404 error

Links are like this:
http://MYSITE/Mp3/Raffaella Carrà - Hay que venir al sur.mp3
(yes, with spaces)

If i remove the spaces, ex:
so, it works great

From PSP's RSS reader:
With spaces: 404 error
Without spaces: works

From PSP's browser (netfront)
It works both cases

From Pc's browser (firefox)
It works both cases

It's definitely a bug of the psp software (it's the latest version available)? No way to fix it?

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try to replace the spaces with %20, cause thats the URL code for a space

E.g. http://MYSITE/Mp3/Raffaella%20Carrà%20-%20Hay%20que%20venir%20al%20sur.mp3

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Thanks for the quick response  ;D
I haven't thought to the %20 encoding for the space.

Unfortunately the %20 encoding has to be set on the rss file directly

I'll see if i can modify Escapepodder's source code for insert %20 instead of spaces