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I seem to have fixed it!!!!

Must've had to do with my ESET antivirus and/or my messy forwarded ports on my router. Cleaned that up and adjusted my firewall (didn't realize I had the windows firewall and ESET firewall running at the same time).

Thanks to everyone for their help!

I will try adding my mac address to a static client list. Thanks for the tips ElSid.

One thing I thought was worth mentioning:
When I go to, the external ip address is the same for my laptop and desktop computer.

Is that normal?

Thank you so much for your help thus far. Hopefully someone else will chime in/have an opinion.

TCP/IPv4 settings are both the same on all sections: general, ip settings, dns, and wins.

Windows firewall is enabled on both computers with notifications when a program is blocked.
I have enabled HFS on both firewalls.

I tried disabling the windows firewall but that didn't seem to help me. Also tried disabling my antivirus (ESET) but that didn't change anything.

It seems that the ports I set to open on my laptop are working properly (tcp/udp are open) but my desktop computer can't seem to open the upd ports i've set for it (2080 for HFS, 2266 for Soulseek and another one for uTorrent). Both computers are running Windows 7. Laptop network adapter is Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2915ABG and the Desktop one is Edimax 802.11n Wireless PCI Card.

Since I changed the port to 2080 the self test is now failing. I can still see the server from the computer it's running on, but no others. The result is "The test failed: server does not answer."

unchecked - Block Anonymous Internet Requests
checked - Filter Multicast
unchecked - Filter Internet NAT Redirection
checked - Filter IDENT(Port 113) gives me an error and says I could not see your service. Reason: connection timed out.

EDIT: I just tried setting up HFS on my laptop and had absolutely no problems. It worked fine and I could connect to it from my desktop computer.  Also says everything is fine on my laptop server. Unfortunately I don't need to set up a server on my laptop, I need it on my desktop computer :(

I've just set up HFS for the first time.
I am using a Linksys WRT54G router and my ISP is Comcast.

So far, I've set up a static IP on the machine that's running HFS and forwarded port 80 TCP/UDP.

The self test says that everything is okay.

When I try to access HFS from another computer on my network using the local ip address, it won't connect and just times out.

When I try to connect from a computer at work with my external ip address, it does the same thing.

When I try to connect from my own computer I AM able to access the files through a web browser at my internal ip address.

I used the PF port checker and it always says that my UDP connections are closed. Is this possibly a Comcast problem? Has anyone heard of this?

Thanks for any help you could provide!

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