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Hi there,

im searching for an picture slideshow template, because i must every picture single open to watch at it,
after them i have to go one step back and open the next picture and this sucks :-/.

I hope you guys understand my english :(

greets No_Fear
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This question has been asked in the chiness section of this site..
Take a gander at it and see if its what you seek:,8169.0.html

In a nutshell this is what was stated by lous:

(from translation) posted by: lousi
Likes this software, provides a template to everybody, may install one using HFS to be similar to picasa, fclickr and so on network photo albums, may use the slide form to broadcast under some table of contents automatically all picture document, the automatic production shrinks the block map and the navigation bar. This template makes using the jquery galleryView plug-in unit, the newest document please momentarily visit:
Appendix solution compression
the 1> revision default template or includes the picture folder from to define the template is gallery.tpl
2> joins folder template to the HFS listed files, the direct row under root, real the folder type, simultaneously revises its attribute is the hideaway, does not record the diary
the 3> revision includes picture folder's filter mask is ' *.jpg; *.gif; *.bmp; *.png; *.jpeg'