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HTML & templates / Re: new responsive template
« on: June 30, 2019, 03:45:06 AM »
this is nice.  please continue working on it.  Please also see my new thread saying i will pay for such a thing.

Hi everyone, I've been using this great software for years.

I really am feeling a need for a responsive template and will pay $$ for it.  I was going to do it myself, but i went through some of the files and it feels a little out of my range of expertise.

The default template is very good, I like it the best overall.  But with phones, the screen doesn't scrunch up enough and you have to use your finger to constantly scroll around.  This is true for the other templates as well, even the supposedly mobile friendly ones.  The RAWR templates are good also, but same issue, and overall the default one is better IMO. 

Even the really fast throwback template has the same issue.  And tbh it's not that much faster than default.

I think the best would be to code needed to make the default scrunch up nicely.  Here's my idea:

1) Make the menu/login/search stuff on the left a panel that can be hidden and revealed.  Like most option menus on phones.

2) Add code to make the table with the files and folders scrunch up when it gets too narrow.  RAWR does good with this with the file containers.  Basically, it would have to scrunch up vertically, where each item will have the top row be the filename, and the other information like size timestamp hits will be vertically stacked below it. 

If someone could do this, that would be great.  After that, I can mess with the colors and css etc to make it look nice, but it will take me some time to do the rest i stated above.


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