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Title: icons do not load
Post by: Ken on May 04, 2011, 06:07:14 PM
Sorry if I've missed this anywhere in docs or forum.  I have HFS running great except for one thing.  Viewed local or another location the file, folder and lock icons are missing until you right click and click 'show pictures'.    Sometimes opening a folder, with no icon displayed. and returning will cause part of the icons display, but never all of them .  Happens from multiple locations with multiple computers and different browers and different templates.   This does not happen in the browserat any other location except HFS.

Re download HFS, always the same, I'm out of ideas.  I must be overlooking something simple.  
I do appreciate your help
Title: Re: icons do not load
Post by: Ken on May 05, 2011, 01:06:15 AM
Ok, I got it working.  When all else fails do some troubleshooting.   I was running HFS on my 64bit I7 system using Windows 7 Ultimate.   I finally pulled out an old computer (32 bit) XP Pro and it works fine.

Sorry to take up space here.  I have had 64 bit issues before and should have thought about it before I posted.